Thursday, 15 October 2015

Interview with Stephanie O'Quigley and her inspirational 5 stone weight loss story

Stephanie is a 24 year old talented lady who was born in Dublin. She has 2 brothers and even though she was born in Dublin she considers Kildare her home.

She studied Marketing and Advertising in IT Tallagh and she loved it. She currently works for the amazing brand Cocoa Brown as a marketing manager, and works alongside such a role model as Marissa Carter.  She describes it as the best job ever.

She decided to start blogging in October 2012. Her blog called has has great success over the past 3 years. And I'm pretty sure it  will get bigger and bigger, as her blog is amazing. 

Stephanie has lost a total of 5 stone over the last 3 years and she plans keeping them off! She looks amazing and her transformation is one of my favourite transformations I have seen on instagram, check it out:

The picture above is the reason is why I decided to interview her and share her journey with you all, as she is such an inspiration.  So, lets found out what she eats on a typical day and what keeps her motivated.

1. What motivated you to change your lifestyle?

I was very ill for a long time. This was a from a combination of an imbalance in my general health but fitness and food were huge elements. I didn't know what it felt like to feel 'well' until I started looking after myself properly. With the help of the right medication, to rebalance my under-active thyroid, and consistent monitoring from my doctors, I got my health back to normal. I felt better and wanted to keep it up so I started to eat better and began exercising too. It was the feeling of good health that kept me motivated. 

2. What were you eating before you lost the weight

I used to have a diet that most would consider 'normal'. Breakfast cereals, sandwiches or wraps for lunch and ​homemade traditional Irish dinners like lasagne, chicken curry or roast dinners all accompanied with a helping of either chips, bread or rice. I would eat chocolate more than once a day and fast-food was a popular choice at the weekends. Top all of this off with loaded sauces, yogurts and juices too - it was no wonder I was feeling (and looking) not so good!

3. Whats your typical daily diet for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner etc?
Now, I mainly eat a 'clean diet'. Anything that is natural, I'll eat it. I concentrate on a high protein diet because I train quite hard at the gym and I need this to repair my body.  A normal day would consist of 'proats' or eggs and coffee to begin with, a salad with tuna/chicken/eggs for lunch and meat and veg for dinner. The odd time I would have sweet potato, quinoa or brown bread but our bodies create carbohydrates with the sugar in fruit and veg so 'carbs' are not necessary. Most days I would have a protein shake thrown in the mix and I have nuts or peanut butter with a cup of tea as a snack after dinner - my favourite part of the day! 

4. What healthy food could you not live without?

Peanut butter! Although I love fresh, crunchy vegetables too. ​

5. Favourite cheatmeals?

Where to start! Eddie Rockets is my  absolute favourite ; cheese fries, hamburger and a malt chocolate shake!  Chocolate & cheese fries are dreamy to me....maybe even together! ​

6. What is it like to work for such an inspiring woman such as Marissa Carter?

I have to pinch myself sometimes! I am lucky to work very close to Marissa and experience her 'fire' on a daily basis. Besides inspiring and motivating me in my work, Marissa always lends advice when I need it ​too. I cannot believe I have been on the Cocoa Brown roller-coaster for over two years now...the opportunity and learning has been invaluable to me and I hope it will continue. 

7. As a blogger, what is your greatest ambition

If I ended up blogging full time it would be pretty crazy! However, any opportunity that has given me is an achievement. I wouldn't have the job I'm in if it weren't for my blog! 

8. If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, and do only 1 exercise, what would you choose?

Granola and running. ​

9. What keeps you motivated in life to live a healthy lifestyle?

 I really want to put myself in a position that means I enjoy my 'work' and also have time for extra hobbies and spending time with the people I love. I feel responsible to create this ideal life for myself and I truly believe you can have whatever you want if you're brave enough to go get it. ​I'll do almost anything if it brings me closer to these goals and where I want to be. If I feel unmotivated I think of the reason why I am doing something. Focusing on the results usually gives me a boost and reason to keep pushing on. 

My healthy lifestyle is mainly motivated by the quality of life I maintain. It really is worth it and I enjoy feeling this good to give it up. My love for well-being is stronger than my love for fast-food and evenings spent on the couch. If I could bottle the feeling of good health and sell it I reckon I would make a few quid! 

10. Tell us 3 personal long term goals you want to achieve? 

  • ​To maintain my current health and fitness 
  • To work at a job that doesn't feel like work 
  • To spend a lot of time with my loved ones 

Be sure to check her blog out she shares fashion, nutrition, and beauty tips instagram: @stephaieoquigley


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