Tuesday, 8 July 2014

You are dieting, but why aren't you losing?

Have you been doing diet for a while and every time you step in the weight scale you don't loose anything?

It feels horrible to be sacrificing foods, being hungry and exercising then stepping on the weight scale and not seeing changes!

Well here is a few reasons that if you change you might see changes:

- Eating a lot. It might sound silly and obvious but there is people that get confused with having 5 small meals a day with eating  5 full dinners. The key word in here is: small meals, control your portions, eating every 3 hours. You have to take in mind that every calorie count: your cabrs, proteins, that little bite here and there etc. You have to burn more than you usually eat to burn!

-You are eating too much carbs: even if the carbohydrates are good you still have to consume right amount. Some people have intolerance to certain carbs so this elevates insulin levels which is transformed into fat once you consume them. Or you are not just exercising enough to justify the intake of this carbs. Yes carbs are energy but so is the fat that is accumulated in your body! So the skinnier your body is it tolerates way more this carbs if you are over weight your tolerance to this will be poorer meaning you will accumulate more than you burn. Carbs are a must in a diet, you need them to have energy! Just control them!

-Hidden calories. Many people eat very healthy but add for example ketchup to their meals, which has a lot of sugar. You might add a huge drop of olive oil to your meals, even though is healthy is high in calories, don't add more than a tablespoon to dress a salad. Raisins for example are very healthy but if you eat a lot of them you are in taking a huge amount of calories and sugar! So condiment with herbs and as natural as you can!

-Drinking too much alcohol can sabotage any progress you do during the week then weekend comes and everything is gone. Im not telling not to have a drink, but have 2 or 3 drinks a weekend and have a glass of wine, avoid beer, and instead of adding juices and sodas add sparkling water.

-You might be eating too much nuts like almonds or peanut butter. All nuts cannot only stop you from losing they can be fattening as well! Only 30g a day of almonds and one spoon of peannut butter a day and only half an avocado no more fats that that a day!

- You aren't exercising a enough. The best to lose fat is combine strength exercises with cardio. Cardio is not going for a walk guys! Cardio is put your heart to an extreme. To end up cover on sweat! Try this and you will see how much you will lose!

- You are stressed: when you are stressed, worried, you are in bad form you activate a hormone that is called cortisol that increments body fat.

-You aren't sleeping well: when you are very tired  and once you eat a carb you will produce more insulin that usual and this will be translated into fat!

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